Work designed by Tessa Hunkin and made by the dedicated volunteers at the Hackney Mosaic Project 

The Hounds of Hackney

Two mosaics on adjacent walls at the South East corner of Hackney Downs. The long wall shows the wild flowers to be found in the meadow in the summer months, as well as 8 of the local dogs. 

Around the the corner are portraits of a further 21 dogs.

Packington Estate,

Circular  pavement showing the birds and fish to be found in the nearby Regents Canal.

Land of the lions, London Zoo

The mosaics decorate the walls of a ‘ruined fort’ and show the relationship between the lions, monkeys and deer in the Indian forests.

Kingsland Basin

Two panels showing the wildlife of the canal.

West Hackney Recreation 

These wall mosaics are behind the children’s play area and show an illustrated alphabet to help parents teaching their children.

Birds and Blossom

Commission for a private garden

Garden of Hope

Wall panel made with patients on the psychiatric wards at Saint Ann’s Hospital, Tottenham. The patients made the border sections and came up with the concept for the centre panel. The mosaic now hangs in the courtyard garden beside the wards.

Albion Parade

Made in conjunction with the pupils of Grasmere School. The centre panel shows the giants who the Romans described as the inhabitants of the Island of Albion when they first arrived.

Mistle thrushes

​Commission for a private client.

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Green Leaves
Commission for a private client.